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  • Study on paa and pvp as drug delivery carriers
  • Properties of electroresponsive pva paa hydrogels under an electric field stimulus
  • By static anti - scaling method , through scale inhibition capacity test of caco3 , the result show that paa has good inhibitive effect on caco3
    通过聚丙烯酸( paa )对碳酸钙垢的静态阻垢法阻垢实验,结果表明:聚丙烯酸有良好的阻碳酸钙垢效果。
  • These precursors polymerize to form polyamic acid ( paa ) . the paa reacts with metal film such as copper . thus its character become worse and circuit resistance increases
    电子科技大学博士学位论文聚酚?#21069;罰?pi )是薄膜多层布线的重要介?#20160;?#26009;,它是由两种单体在热处理后聚合而成。
  • Conductive glass electrodes were modified with polyethylenimine ( pee ) and polyacrylicacid ( paa ) via electrostatic interaction ; and the electrochemical luminescence behavior of luminol on the modified electrodes was compared
  • Having reacted with copper , paa becomes complex . the complex decomposes after heat treating and cause the increase in dielectric constant and reduction in dielectric breakdown strength . otherwise cu2o and cuo emerge from the complex , too
    N与cu反应后,形成络合物,热处理时自身降解,击穿强度降低,介电常数提高; cz在热处理后从络合物离解出来形成cllo和cuzo 。
  • P ) is called an e - inversive p - semigroup if it satisfies the following main result 2 let be a normal partition of p . then x s ( p ) : for any a ? / then there exist and b " ? u " ( 6 ) such that a ' paa . b ' pab c p3 and apaa "
    接着用“?#24605;!?#26041;法研究s仔)上的强p同余,即证明s尸)上的任一强p同余,可以决定s尸)的一个强p同余对,反之s的任一强p同余对,可以决定s ( p )上的一个强p同余
  • Thus , to improve the specific of lithium ion batteries , main effort should be directed toward the synthesis of new positive electrode materials , i . e . various lithiated oxides that could reversibly intercalate one li atom per 3d - metal atom at about 4v versus li
    O 。由于电?#22434;摺?#20215;格便宜和对环境友好而成为最有希望的备选材料之一。首次采用了聚丙烯酸paa为鳌合剂,运用溶胶凝胶法,合成了limn 。
  • Section one : preparation of polyacrylic acid / montmorillonite ( paa / mmt ) water absorbent hybrids by aqueous solution intercalated polymerization as montmorillonite is easily dispersed in water uniformly , the polyacrylic acid / montmorillonite ( paa / mmt ) was prepared by simple aqueous solution intercalated polymerization
    并利用红外( ft - ir ) 、 x ?射线衍射( xrd )对产?#26041;?#34892;了表征,结果证明此材料为?#24230;?#22411;插层复合物。
  • The work of the paper mainly includes : ( 1 ) present a model for measuring the similarity between two hydrological time series . in this model , we adopt an intuitive dimensionality reduction technique for hydrological time series which is called piecewise average approximation ( paa )
    主要工作包括: ( 1 )提出了适合水文时间序列数据特点的相似性模型,采用简单直观的等时间间隔序列分段平均值技术( paa )作为水文时间序列降维方法。
  • So , the probability of adsorption of ldl to adsorbents increases in the presence of ca2 + . in addition , an octahedral coordination geometry that is beneficial to the adsorption for ldl may be formed around a calcium ion between neighboring sde ligands immobilized on paa
    另外,从空间构象来考虑,当向吸附体系中加入caz ”后,固定于载体表面或其孔洞内的多个相邻配体及其间隔臂分子围绕钙离子可能形成一个有利于l l结合的八面体结构,这样也利于本吸附剂对ldl的吸附。
  • The results indicated that montmorillonite was intercalated by polyacrylic acid molecular . section two : preparation of polyacrylic acid / acrylamide / montmorillonite ( paa / am / mmt ) water absorbent hybrid by aqueous solution intercalated polymerization high water absorbent polyacrylate copolymer was prepared by aqueous solution intercalated copolymerization . in this reaction , the monomers were the partially neutralized acrylic acid ( aa ) and acryl amide ( am ) ; the cross - linking agent was diacryl ethylene ( egda )
    第二节溶液插层共聚制备聚丙烯酸盐/丙烯酰胺/膨润土杂化吸水材料及其性能研究首次利用溶液插层共聚制备了二丙烯酰基乙二醇酯( egda )交联的聚丙烯酸盐/丙烯酰胺/膨润土( paa / am / mmt )杂化吸水材料。
  • Poly ( methacrylic acid ) ( maa ) and poly ( acrylic acid ) ( aa ) microgels have been prepared as templates by employing inverse emulsion polymerization techniques . four types of spherical organic - inorganic nano - composites have been prepared by introduction of precipitation agent into the pmaa / paa microgels containing appropriate rate metal ions
    本课题开展了两个模板体系的研究,即分别以丙烯酸( aa )和甲基丙烯酸( maa )为聚合单体,利用反相乳液聚合方法合成?#24605;?#31181;包埋有不同金属离子的高分子微凝胶。
  • The morphology of self - assembled monolayers of mercapto methoxy poly ethylene glycol mpeg and its complex film with poly acrylic acid were investigated with atomic force microscopy . the roughness of the complex film was affected by the concentration and the ionic strength of paa solution , and some rougher complex film were formed in a solution with high concentration of paa and stronger ionic strength
  • Tem reveals that the complex possessed good dispersibility in the system and the status varied reversibility with the ph value and the size of the complex is within 20 ~ 40nm . the complex was characterized by ft - ir , uv - vis , fluoresence and electrical conductivity methods . paa - ag nanospheres were also synthesized by coordination of polyacrylic acid and silver ( i ) ion and queued in line in lr
    本论文还以低分子量的聚丙烯酸和硝酸银为主要原料,通过控制体系的ph值合成响应环境ph?#24403;?#21270;的聚丙烯酸银纳米微球和纳米柱状物,通过tem观察尺寸达20 - 40nm ,用ir 、 uv - vis 、荧光、电导率法分析聚丙烯酸和银的配位作用、所形成配合物的组成与结构,并将聚丙烯酸和硝酸银置于“线性反应?#40140;?#20013;进行配位聚合,合成出线性排列的paa - ag纳米微球。
  • The support membrane is polyethersulfone ultrafiltration membrane , the concentration of polyacrylic acid was selected at 0 . 05wt % , a suitable paa / pei ratio was 1 / 5 - 1 / 10 with a number of 4 bilayers . the molecular weight of paa was 4 000 000 . the corresponding filtration time of the first paa layer range was 10 minutes while the reaction time was 20 minutes
    基膜选用聚醚砜超?#22235;?聚丙烯酸浓度为0 . 05wt % ,聚丙烯酸与聚乙烯?#21069;放?#24230;配比为1 / 5 - 1 / 10 ,复合四层, paa分子量4000000 ,首层过滤时间10min ,过滤反应时间20min 。
  • Part : study on the intercalated copolymerization and properties of exfoliated polyacrylic acid / acryl amide / montmorillonite ( paa / am / mmt ) hybrid using cation exchange resin as cation source , the montmorillonite convert to sodium form by means of the cation exchange reaction of the montmorillonite and cation resin . the two - step intercalation method by using two different organic salts was sued in the modification of montmorillonie . its effect was much better in preparing polyacrylic acid / acrylamide / montmorillonite ( paa / am / mmt )
    第三章插层共聚制备剥离型聚丙烯酸/丙烯酰胺/膨润土纳?#33258;?#21270;材料及其热性能研究利用732阳离子交换树脂对膨润?#20004;?#34892;钠化,二次插层对钠化膨润?#20004;?#34892;处理,溶液共聚法制备了剥离型聚丙烯酸/丙烯酰胺/膨润土( paa / am / mmt )纳?#33258;?#21270;材料。
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